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Brother: DIFxDriverPackageinstall Error=5

Keywords: Brother, DCP-7055, Windows 7, x64, PnPDriverImportError, brimm10a.inf, 00000005, DCP-7055-inst-C1-EU.EXE, EFS


In my case, the problem was fixed by unencrypting my temporary files directory (just enter %TEMP% in Windows explorer or navigate to C:\Users\<YOUR_ACCOUNT_NAME>\AppData\Local\Temp - this is the directory that you will have to decrypt.


  • Make sure that the Temp folder is in fact decrypted such that new files written to the directory are not encrypted.
  • Don't forget to reencrypt the folder.

Background: My entire user folder (C:\Users\Robert) is encrypted with EFS (Encrypted File System). I suppose that Windows installs drivers with a special system account (SYSTEM or something like that) - however, whatever system account this is, it cannot access another user's encrypted files (such as yours). I am not sure if Windows really acts this way, but it would explain the issue.

Generic troubleshooting instructions

You don't use EFS, so the above fix isn't applicable for you? Well, here are some hints for you…

Driver Setup API logfile

The Brother Driver Setup communicates with some sort of Driver Setup API (I don't know the official name, but you know what I mean). This API saves a logfile at C:\Windows\inf\setupapi.dev.log. In my case it contained the following lines at the end:

     pol: {Driver package policy check - exit(0x00000000)} 14:05:55.118
     sto: {Stage Driver Package: C:\Users\Robert\AppData\Local\Temp\{03c879c2-5576-5af7-4c38-3a562a6b8d4f}\brimm10a.inf} 14:05:55.118
!    sto:      Unable to determine presence of driver package 'brimm10a.inf' in Driver Store. Error = 0x00000005
!    inf:      Unable to load INF: 'C:\Users\Robert\AppData\Local\Temp\{03c879c2-5576-5af7-4c38-3a562a6b8d4f}\brimm10a.inf'(00000005)
!    inf:      Error 5: Access is denied.
!!!  inf:      Failed to open INF file "C:\Users\Robert\AppData\Local\Temp\{03c879c2-5576-5af7-4c38-3a562a6b8d4f}\brimm10a.inf". Error = 0x00000005, Line = 0
!!!  sto:      Failed to get driver package copy files. Error = 0x00000005, Filename = C:\Users\Robert\AppData\Local\Temp\{03c879c2-5576-5af7-4c38-3a562a6b8d4f}\brimm10a.inf
!!!  sto:      Failed to import driver package into Driver Store. Error = 0x00000005
     sto: {Stage Driver Package: exit(0x00000005)} 14:05:55.128
!!!  sto: Failed to stage driver package to Driver Store. Error = 0x00000005, Time = 15 ms
<<<  Section end 2013/06/18 14:05:55.198
<<<  [Exit status: FAILURE(0x00000005)]

The important line is ! inf: Error 5: Access is denied.. I figured that for some reason Windows could not read the driver file and then I remembered that I recently encrypted my entire account with EFS.

BrLog logfile

The Brother Driver Setup saves logfiles in C:\ProgramData\Brother\BrLog\. The most important one probably is BrtINST_all.log. In my case it read:

[00004564]: INF: C:\Users\Robert\AppData\Local\Temp\{3CB5DEE2-3138-4327-B1A3-7E1DC55C163D}\{3ACCCFB3-7B17-4E9F-ACB0-46868FCD4487}\BrDifxapi64.exe -i "C:\Users\Robert\AppData\Local\Temp\{3CB5DEE2-3138-4327-B1A3-7E1DC55C163D}\{3ACCCFB3-7B17-4E9F-ACB0-46868FCD4487}\..\Drivers\brimm10a.inf" 0
[00004564]: ERR: 6-18-2013 14:06:19  Installer
[00004564]: ERR: DIFxInstall  DIFxDriverPackageInstall-Scanner
[00004564]: ERR: Return = 5

Not very helpful in my case, but it might help you.

Windows Event Viewer

The Windows Event Viewer may also contain information about the error. In my case it said something about a PnPDriverImportError (but it didn't help me except giving my a keyword to google for).

The Event viewer is located at Control Panel\System and Security\Administrative Tools.


If you are really desperated or need to know what a certain process is doing (what files are written to etc.) you can use Sysinternals Process Monitor. In fact I used it to find out where the BrLog logfile is saved (among other things).


Joshua Enriquez, 2014/04/04 14:03
Please send me instructions on how to UNCRYPT/ DECRYPT the folder.
robert, 2014/04/04 14:09
To decrypt a file which is encrypted with EFS: Rightclick on any file or folder you want to decrypt. Select "Properties" and go to the "General" tab. There, click on the "Advanced..." button. In this dialog, there is a checkbox labelled "Encrypt contents to secure data". Uncheck it and close the dialogs again.

Note: If the checkbox is already unchecked, the file or folder is de facto NOT encrypted. In this case, your problem may not be related to encryption at all. Then you can use my generic troubleshooting instructions.
benmetir, 2014/05/15 13:24
jai un problem de instalation du ogesiel brother DCP-J140 W
il s afiche un tablpi erore =5
amit, 2014/06/09 13:38
Brother: DIFxDriverPackageinstall Error=5
shakeel, 2014/06/22 16:53
will this work in MFC-1810 series?
please help!!
I cannot install....
badro, 2014/09/02 23:49
Brother: DIFxDriverPackageinstall Error=5
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